[Series] The Most Magical Date on Earth: Our Favorite Disney World Experiences

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Since returning from Disney World, we’ve spent some time reflecting on the trip and all the memories we made together.

What we’ve realized is that there isn’t just one single moment that sticks out as our favorite. Rather, it’s the collection of experiences and the feeling we had while at Disney World that made it such a magical date.

We felt the kind of pure joy and happiness you experience often as a kid but rarely as an adult. We forgot about all the stresses and worries of life at home and embraced every minute of the much-needed, uninterrupted quality time together.

While the simple answer is, “We loved everything about Disney World,” there were some experiences that delighted us just a little more than the rest.

In this blog – the second in our series, “The Most Magical Date on Earth” – we share our 10 favorite experiences at Disney World, from fireworks and meet-and-greets to unforgettable rides and sweet treats.

Top 10 Disney World Experiences

1. Disney Enchantment Fireworks Show

This is Disney magic at its finest. ✨

The Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Disney Enchantment, is set to a perfectly curated playlist of Disney songs – both old and new. Cinderella’s castle comes to life as your favorite characters dance across the façade in sync with the fireworks that light up the sky around it. What’s more romantic than a stunning fireworks show at the The Most Magical Place On Earth?

2. Meeting Mickey Mouse

I’ve met one of my favorite singers before and I’m not gonna lie… I was just as excited/nervous meeting Mickey. (Why was I nervous to meet a cast member dressed in costume?!) We were totally fangirling when we met the mouse, himself, in his “rehearsal room” at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater. My favorite moment was when Mickey started humming “Happy birthday” to me after Mike told him we were celebrating my 30th!

3. Festival of Fantasy Parade

After riding Jungle Cruise, we happily stumbled upon the Festival of Fantasy Parade. The cheerful music and beautiful floats carrying all of our favorite Disney characters made us smile ear to ear. While we hadn’t planned to see the parade, I’m thrilled we did! It was absolutely a highlight of our trip. If you don’t have time or don’t want to meet Disney characters in a one-on-one setting, this is a great way to see them all in one place!

4. Riding Avatar: Flight of Passage

This is hands-down our favorite ride at Disney World – and maybe any theme park. Avatar: Flight of Passage is a 3-D adventure that puts you right into Pandora, soaring on a banshee through the stunning landscape. The vistas are so breathtaking and realistic that both Mike and I teared up during the experience. I’ve never felt like that on a ride before; it was the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had at a theme park. We both agreed that it topped our list of favorite experiences at Disney World!

5. The Opening Ceremonies of Magic Kingdom

As I mentioned in our previous blog, one of the perks of staying at a Disney Resort hotel is gaining early entry to the parks. Entering Magic Kingdom 30 minutes before the public allowed us to get front-row seats to the “Let the Magic Begin” opening ceremonies with Mickey and the gang. The welcome show was the perfect way to start our day!

6. Eating All the Mickey-shaped Treats

Before our trip, several people advised us to pack our own meals and snacks so we could save some money at Disney World. Well, we had different thoughts. Half the fun was treating ourselves to all the festive Mickey-shaped desserts and snacks, from pretzels and chocolate-covered Rice Krispies treats to ice cream sandwiches and chocolate-dipped ice cream bars. We loved every bite!

7. Enjoying French Cuisine at EPCOT

Speaking of which… we treated ourselves again to a delicious French lunch at La Crêperie de Paris at EPCOT. The Prix Fixe Menu included a choice of soup or salad, one galette (essentially a savory crêpe), a beverage and a dessert crêpe.

For our galettes, I ordered the Classique (ham, egg and swiss cheese) and Mike ordered the Saumon (smoked salmon, crème fraîche, chives and lemon). For our dessert crêpes, I ordered the Gourmande (hazelnut-chocolate spread with whipped cream) plus a bowl of fruit and Mike ordered the Poire (pear, chocolate ganache and whipped cream). They were just as delicious as the crêpes we devoured in Paris!

I also enjoyed my favorite French drink, an Orangina. I order it any chance I get!

8. Watching Disney KiteTails at Animal Kingdom

Around every corner at Disney World is a new experience waiting for you – a performance, show, live band, character meet-and-greet, parade, fireworks, etc. I was amazed by all the entertainment the theme parks offered, beyond just the rides and shops. This was true at Animal Kingdom, too, where we caught “The Lion King” KiteTails show at the Discovery River Amphitheater and watched Mufasa and Zazu soar across the sky to “The Circle of Life.”

9. Laughing Like Kids on the Mad Tea Party

This is the face of pure joy. 😁 The Mad Tea Party spinning teacups made us feel like kids again, trying to spin faster and faster until we couldn’t see straight anymore. We had regretted not riding the teacups at Disneyland and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Plus, I was wearing a teacup shirt – of course I was going to ride it! I’m so glad Mike snapped this picture of me, because it perfectly captures the feeling we had at Disney World.

10. Roasting Marshmallows and Hanging out Poolside at Our Disney Resort Hotel

Our last night at Disney World felt like a summer evening from our childhood. Cast members were stoking a campfire and handing out marshmallows for guests to roast. Even here, at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, there was an undeniable sense of community – like we were at summer camp with friends. Before we went to bed and said goodbye to Disney World, we stopped by the pool to soothe our sore feet and reflect on the memories we made during The Most Magical Date on Earth. ✨

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