Brand Partners


We buy a lot of cool stuff from amazing brands across the globe, and we’ve partnered with some of them to pass discounts on to you!

How It Works

We only endorse products or services that we genuinely LOVE. We’ll never spam our followers with junk items or fake testimonials.

In exchange for our honest endorsement, brands provide us with a unique link and/or discount code to share with our followers – that’s YOU! If you make a purchase using our discount code, we get a percentage of the sale as a commission.

This commission helps fund our travels so we can continue to create great content and inspire couples to explore this beautiful world.

Our Brand Partners

Livingstone Brand


  • What we love about Livingstone: A portion of every backpack purchase goes toward supporting national parks across the world.
  • Want to shop the 25L Alberta Pack that Mike’s carrying? Click here and use our discount code AMBASSADORPROMO10 for 10% off!



  • What we love about Wildish: its playful culture and comfy apparel.
  • Want to shop outdoorsy gear and apparel like the T-shirt Emily’s wearing? Click here and use our discount code travtwogether for 20% off!

Want to Partner with Us?

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