Exploring Brown County State Park


With more than 15,000 acres of rolling hills and scenic vistas, Brown County State Park is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway or adventurous day trip.

We traveled down to the state park – the largest in Indiana – over the weekend to celebrate Mike’s birthday. On our to-do list: picnic, hike and take in the scenery.

We also walked up the 90-foot fire tower and enjoyed a breathtaking view of the park. Fun fact: The fire tower was part of a network of towers that once protected Indiana. Lookouts would perch atop them to watch for smoke, take weather readings, locate and report suspicious smoke plumes and communicate with fire crews during a fire.

Before you embark on your trip to Brown County State Park, be sure to do your research.

During my planning, I discovered that October is one of the park’s busiest months (and it’s no wonder). With the leaves changing colors, the views were spectacular!

But the beautiful weather and scenery also meant the cabins were mostly booked, so if you’re considering traveling to the park during the fall months, be sure to book lodging months in advance.

For more information on planning your visit to Brown County State Park, click here.

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