Stuckey Farm Sunflower Festival

Stuckey Farm’s first annual Sunflower Festival drew more than 3,000 visitors during the first two days of its opening weekend.

The Sheridan, Indiana farm boasted five acres of 17 varieties of sunflowers and welcomed guests to explore the fields on Sept. 1-3 and 8-9.

As a special treat, each guest could cut and take home one sunflower or a bundle of three or six, depending on the admission ticket purchased.


Although many of the sunflowers had already been picked or had wilted by the time we visited on Sept. 3, the festival was still worth the visit – and next year promises to be even better.

The farm’s staff say they didn’t expect such a huge turnout, and to better accommodate the crowds, they plan to double or triple their sunflower field to 10-15 acres.

This exploring couple can’t wait!

Verdict: Definitely worth the visit, but be sure to stay hydrated and wear the right apparel for this hot summer experience. 


2 thoughts on “Stuckey Farm Sunflower Festival

  1. Hi Emily!

    We are having our Sunflower Festival again this year, September 4-7, 2020.

    This year promises to be better than ever! We’ve made great strides for our 3rd year. We will have 20 varieties on 7 acres. We will also have a special u-pick field so everyone can enjoy the rest of the sunflowers for great pics! We have added two 10ft towers to provide a great “over the top” view. Please find more info at

    Would love to have you come and visit!

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