An Ode to Halloween: Louisville’s Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

On a long and winding path,

You’ll find displayed for all to see

5,000 carved creations

With haunting eyes and crooked teeth.


Glows of light will guide your way

Through what may seem an endless dream,

But rest assured it’s nothing more

Than just a night at the library.


Here, your imagination will wander;

Like pages in a book, you’ll explore,

As you make your way through the scenes

Of mysteries, horror stories and more.


The works of art are sure to amaze you

And take you on a trip down memory lane,

Reminding you of simpler times

Filled with fairytales and video games.


If you’re like us, you’ll stand in awe

And listen to the spooky music sing,

Wondering how long these took to carve

While enjoying all the Stranger Things.


Beneath the starry Louisville sky,

These pumpkins glow and their shadows dance

For guests of the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular,

Which you should visit if you have the chance.


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