Experience the Magic of Santa Claus, Indiana

A three-hour drive south of Indianapolis, Santa Claus, Indiana, is as magical as it sounds. Home to the aptly named Holiday World Theme Park, this town of less than 2,500 draws millions of tourists each year – and for good reason.

Stepping foot in Santa Claus, Indiana, is like stepping foot in a Hallmark movie. Beyond the theme/water park, the town’s year-round Christmas-themed stores – from candy shops and boutiques to toy stores and more – offer visitors of all ages a festive experience that is sure to delight.


We visited Santa Claus for the first time this past weekend and are excited to share our experience with you!

5 Things to Do in Santa Claus, Indiana

1. Browse the Town’s Famed Christmas Stores


By far the most impressive shop we visited was the Santa Claus Christmas Store, where you can browse more than 4,000 ornaments, according to the town’s website

We picked up a couple souvenirs and also purchased the postcards we would mail out from the Santa Claus post office. Most importantly, we saw Santa Claus, himself!


We also stopped in the Evergreen Boutique & Christmas Shop, where we browsed with complimentary (and delicious) hot apple ciders in hand, and visited Santa’s Toys, a glittering wonderland comparable to Santa’s own workshop.

2. Send Postcards to Your Family


What’s more festive than getting a Christmas postcard in the mail from Santa Claus, Indiana? We sent some happy mail to our family from the only post office in the world with the Santa Claus name.

3. Write a Letter to Santa


You can’t visit Santa Claus, Indiana, without writing a letter to Santa! As a bonus, every letter receives a response during the month of December if received by the 20th.

We penned the following message:

Dear Santa,

Thank you for always spreading Christmas joy. Though I am an adult, the magic of Christmas makes me believe! My husband and I have all we need, but a letter from the North Pole would be delightful! Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus. P.S., we are travel bloggers and will be writing about Santa Claus, IN, at travelingtwogether.com.

Your Friend,

Mike & Emily Malott

(A little shameless plug for Traveling Twogether!)

You can write your free letter to Santa at the original Santa Claus Post Office at the Santa Claus Museum & Village.


4. Tour the Santa Claus Museum

Be sure to tour the Santa Claus Museum and check out the massive, 22-foot-tall Historic Santa Statue – a newly renovated version of the world’s oldest Santa statue – just up the hill!

The inscription at the statue’s base reads:

Dedicated to the children of the world in memory of an undying love

Life hath given thee nothing more sweet than the patter of feet across thy floor

There is nothing so universal as the spirit of Santa Claus

Honour thy father and thy mother that thy cup of life may be overflowing with happiness

5. Spot as Many Santa Statues As You Can

Santa statues are everywhere! Be sure to look all around (including up!) to see how many you can spot.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, as much as we did! Happy traveling and Merry Christmas!

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