We’ll Be Home for Christmas (Why We’re Not Traveling for the Holiday This Year)

We did something crazy this year. Well, we did two crazy things this year: We bought a house, then we started a travel blog.

Yes, we settled down only to pack our bags and get out. But that’s not why we launched Traveling Twogether.

We started this blog to discourage complacency. To keep our spirits alive, relationship fresh and hobbies at the forefront. To ensure we’re not consumed by a stay-at-home lifestyle, however tempting it may be.

That said, we’ll be spending Christmas morning together in our new home, cozying up with our critters next to the fireplace.


This year, we’ve traveled to Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Cincinnati, Louisville, and countless towns in northern, central and southern Indiana. We’ve spent time with our families in Dayton and we’ve taken business trips to San Antonio and Kansas City.

All of these wonderful places and experiences have made their marks on us (and our blog!), but – as they say – there’s no place like home.

You see, traveling does a wonderful thing: While it gives you a much-needed break from the 9-to-5 insanity, travel also makes you grateful for the familiarity and comfort of home. 

So we’re breaking tradition this year and spending time together at home with no itinerary, no chaos and no packed bags for the first time in the seven years we’ve been together.

Yes, we will still, of course, celebrate the holiday with our families – just not on Christmas Day. That precious day is reserved for the two of us and our three fur babies, so we can relax, unwind and celebrate Christmas together in our new home.