The Product That Changed My Life as a Travel Blogger

This blog post is 100% not sponsored. This is a true, honest endorsement of a product that I think all people like me should invest in. 

I’m 27 years old and I’ve suffered from motion sickness my whole life. It’s gotten worse as I’ve aged, which is a real treat to deal with as a travel blogger. It also makes traveling together much less pleasant, even though Mike lovingly supports me during my bouts of motion sickness.


I’ve sworn by Dramamine in the past, but there’s always been one huge caveat: that even the “non-drowsy” version makes me sleepy, which doesn’t bode well for hiking or activity of any kind, really.

Still, I would take these little tablets, because without them, I would feel so sick that my arms would go limp, I would start cold-sweating, I would teeter on the edge of vomiting and my head would become so fuzzy I couldn’t think clearly or speak. This feeling would persist for an hour or longer at times.


As a passenger, I can’t look at my phone on a five-minute trip to the gas station without feeling nauseous, and in recent years, my motion sickness has gotten so bad that I’ve even started getting sick while driving my own car. Yep.

So when Mike and I decided we were going to take a two-week road trip, you can imagine how anxious I was about my debilitating motion sickness.

What would I do to keep myself busy on the long drives? How would I fare while sitting in the car for 5,000+ miles?


Though I was excited beyond belief to cross this trip off my bucket list, I was full of worry as time passed and our departure date quickly approached.

But I found something that ended up curing my motion sickness: a product called Sea-Band. They’re wristbands that use acupressure to prevent and relieve nausea. No pills, no drowsiness, no side effects. Just the cure I’ve always needed for my motion sickness.

I wore my Sea-Bands during our whole road trip and didn’t take any Dramamine or other nausea medication – and I never felt sick once.

These wristbands allowed me the freedom to do things in the car that I never could’ve imagined doing before – including write this blog post. I drew pictures, researched points of interest, curated Spotify playlists, edited photos in Lightroom, scrolled through Instagram and posted on social media.

My Sea-Bands were so comfortable that I often forgot to take them off when we arrived at our destinations. You’ll spot them in many of the photos from our road trip, and I’m not even mad about it. These little wristbands changed my life as a travel blogger – so it’s only right that they would be featured in my photos.


So if you’re like me and you experience nausea or motion sickness of any kind, do yourself a favor and invest in these amazing wristbands. They’re less than $10 and you can find them almost anywhere. Here are a few links for your convenience:

Have you ever used this product before? Comment below and let us know!

Happy travels! 🙂

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