Tour ‘The Office’ for Yourself at this Immersive Exhibit in Chicago

As one of the most-streamed TV shows of all time, “The Office” has no shortage of fans who welcome the cast into their homes each day. Who are we kidding, the cast is more like family and the office bullpen is more like a second living room in our house!

We’ve shared before about our adventures touring must-see Office locations in Scranton, PA, and our detour to check out Chandler Valley Center Studios in California where they filmed The Office.

But most recently, we toured the re-created set in Chicago’s immersive exhibit, The Office Experience, and that might just take the cake!

What can you do at The Office Experience?

Located at 540 Michigan Ave., The Office Experience is an interactive, completely immersive experience that transports you right into the show. We visited the exhibit in fall 2021, but it’s still open until March 27, 2022. (Also, just a quick note: Masks were required when we visited, but now they’re recommended.)

Throughout the winding exhibit, you can sit at your favorite character’s desk, imagining the smells of Phyllis’ perfume or the sounds of Dwight clipping his fingernails.

Compete to win Dunderball in the first Dunder Mifflin Olympiad, aka Office Olympics.

Test your Office trivia skills with a life-size Stanley-inspired crossword puzzle.

Visit Schrute Farms and sit in Dwight’s rocking chair.

Panic when you spill Kevin’s famous chili.

Work at Michael Scott Paper Company and think about which corner will be your personal space.

Dance at Café Disco, without a care in the world.

Look for all the hidden gems in each area of the office – like Dwight’s dead goose (a “Christmas miracle!”) or the coffee mugs from Kelly’s “America’s Got Talent” party.

Pose for a photo op. The exhibit staff will happily help you capture your Office moment. You can even film your own talking-head interview by using the selfie tripod and choosing from a few different scripts that are written on cue cards for your convenience.

Around every corner of the exhibit, we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing, chuckling in fangirl delight. Perhaps none more so than at the entrance of the exhibit, where cases of real show props shone in all their glory.

Feel The Office come alive in this unforgettable fan experience. It costs between $37.50-$55 for individuals; tickets cost more during peak hours and if you choose to get your own personalized Dunder Mifflin employee badge (which we had to, of course!).

I wonder where our Office fandom will take us next… If you have any ideas, drop them in the comments!

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